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  Pandomo at Solido

At Solido, we use a range of products called Pandomo, manufactured and supplied by a company called Ardex. Pandomo is a modern floor design system which offers you more design opportunities than many other flooring options on the market. It aims to combine your ideas with materials to create something unique because we understand that there is more to floor design than just colour and surface. Floors start with a floor layer thickness of only 5 millimetres.
Ardex high performance tiling and flooring products are researched and developed at Ardex's central lab, and have a lot of experience in the building industry. Solido use Ardex Pandomo products because each and every one receives tests and trials to ensure they meet Ardex's before going to market.
All of the products produced at Ardex are subject to vigorous quality control procedures which are certified and audited to BS EN ISO 9002.

Terrazzo Basic
Terrazzo Basic