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  Flooring Contractors - Terrazzo

At Solido, we are flooring contractors, and specialists, in Terrazzo. The production of Terrazzo comes by exposing marble chips and other aggregates on the surface of floors. The process starts with a concrete foundation into the floor up to 4 inches deep. Next a 1 inch layer of concrete is added. For the last level, each panel is blended with a marble chip mixture, which can contain many different colour aggregates.

When it has cured, the Terrazzo is grinded with specialist equipment, which is followed by the terrazzo workers, polishing, and sealing of the Terrazzo.
We use state of the art HTC floor grinding and Diamond polishing machinery.
For more info please visit htc-floorsystems
History of Terrazzo
Invented by Venetian construction workers, Terrazzo was meant as a low cost flooring material using chips of marble. The make up of the flooring material was mainly marble chips, and clay. In those days goats milk was used as a sealer. Things have certainly improved since then!


DO sweep or vacuum your floors daily, this not only picks up dust, but also the grit tracked into
your building.
DO use maintenance products designed for terrazzo and of good quality
DO use a cleaning contractor with experience in terrazzo
DO ask for advice if unclear about your maintenance regime
DO monitor the level of sealer on your floor and adjust the frequency of sealer finish coats
DO mechanically buff your floor with a white pad to bring out the shine from your polish.
DO wipe up any spills immediately as whilst the sealer protects the floor, this is only for a period of
time most stains if left alone will penetrate though the sealer and stain your floor which in most
cases will require professional removal.
DON'T use all purpose cleaners or soaps containing soluble inorganic or crystallizing salts, alkali
or acids. Use of such products could be harmful to your terrazzo floor.
DON'T try miracle cleaners or sealers on your floor without getting an opinion from a terrazzo
DON'T cut corners with your cleaning regime. Maintaining your terrazzo is far better than
neglecting it requiring costly regrinding or replacement long before time.
DON'T use dirty mops and buckets. They will only spread dirt and grime around the floo